Building Steam With A Grain of Salt

Hello, the name's Bosco.

I'm a 23 year old chick (can be hard to tell sometimes hehe) but I feel like a 56 year old dude trapped inside this body due to my vast appreciation for the acid house scene. (*Awkward silence) I used to be 'Still 1996", but my blog was hacked, so I created this one as a revival blog. I must warn that I have an affinity for James Dean, Marek Hemmann, Guy Gerber, and sometimes Chino Moreno. I love the ocean, sky photography, have a really bad knack for men's shoes, and adore collecting old jazz cassettes. I am currently a bedroom DJ looking for a residency around the NYC area; I'm really inspired by Larry Levan and most of all my dad to run my own radio night and promote up and coming artists & give chances to showcase their talent. I'm also trying my hand at production and designing a studio setup where I can record bands, artists, singers, rappers, etc seamlessly and professionally. In the near future I'm hoping to release a few singles and possibly an album, so feel free to check out the links section for free content, track previews, mixes, and more.

Carpe Diem, always :)

  1. St Johns Bridge in the Fog by chriskruell on Flickr.

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