Building Steam With A Grain of Salt

Hello, the name's Bosco.

I'm a 23 year old chick (can be hard to tell sometimes hehe) but I feel like a 56 year old dude trapped inside this body due to my vast appreciation for the acid house scene. (*Awkward silence) I used to be 'Still 1996", but my blog was hacked, so I created this one as a revival blog. I must warn that I have an affinity for James Dean, Marek Hemmann, Guy Gerber, and sometimes Chino Moreno. I love the ocean, sky photography, have a really bad knack for men's shoes, and adore collecting old jazz cassettes. I am currently a bedroom DJ looking for a residency around the NYC area; I'm really inspired by Larry Levan and most of all my dad to run my own radio night and promote up and coming artists & give chances to showcase their talent. I'm also trying my hand at production and designing a studio setup where I can record bands, artists, singers, rappers, etc seamlessly and professionally. In the near future I'm hoping to release a few singles and possibly an album, so feel free to check out the links section for free content, track previews, mixes, and more.

Carpe Diem, always :)

  1. discoblood:

    Curve- Deerhunter (from Blonde Redhead’s We Are The Work In Progress)

    The compilation will be out on Feb 7! Check out the tracklist here:

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  5. inashavaseany:

    She’ll be on stage this March! can’t wait

  6. caylery:

    south london ordnance - revolver

    just lovely 

  7. "No one really believes you when you say ‘I see sound’ – you start sounding like a nutter. But at the same time, I’m very interested in the way thought processes work, especially creative processes, and the different approaches people have to it. Everything is shapes and textures for me, regardless of what it is— whether it’s marks on a piece of paper or stuff in the interface on Logic. It’s all shapes and figures. The way I produce now – and I’ve only really started capitalizing on this idea – is like the way I would put together a piece of artwork. I’m making a sound in a synth, then bouncing it out and then messing around with it, putting it back into Logic. It’s just like when you have a drawing: you do it with a pencil, you’re rubbing stuff here and there, and what ultimately comes out is the finished product, but it’s got a whole history of marks and scratches. It’s the same sort of thing, really."
  8. delatechno:

    Clouds - Genista Cave 4